All original mosaic artwork that covers the Tile House

was completed by ceramic artist Beverley Magennis.

She began in 1984 with a mosaic border around the doorway,

eleven years later the house was covered inside and out.

Most of the tile was donated from tile shops, friends, nieghbors,

and strangers who left buckets of scrap tile in the driveway.


The Tile House is currently home and studio of Beverley's daughter

Erin and her husband Kyle and for the past 10 years Bev has been

writing a series of mysteries novels called the Alibi Creek Tales.


Mosaic work by Beverley Magennis

Other mosaic artwork completed by Beverley

are her Garden Ladies.

They have a standing height of about 6' tall.

The torsos are hand made from porcelain clay,

the hollow concrete bases are created from a mold,

and beautifully decorated with mosaic patterns. 

"The Pathway"

Beverley Magennis

Mosaic walkway
Albuquerque Art Museum

Albuquerque, New Mexico

"The Tree of Life"

Beverley Magennis

Mosaic sculpture
Albuquerque Public Art

Albuquerque, New Mexico 

"The Parade"

Beverley Magennis

Mosaic pillar murals

University Hospital of New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico 

"Four Birds in a Tree"

Beverley Magennis

Mosaic wall mural

Health and Sciences Building, UNM

Albuquerque, New Mexico 

"The Dome Lady"

Beverley Magennis

Mosaic sculpture dome room

Apache Creek, New Mexico 

"Mosaic Chair with Black Cat"

Beverley Magennis

Mosaic sculpture
Albuquerque Art Museum

Albuquerque, New Mexico 

Alibi Creek

A devout woman's wayward brother returns to their New Mexico ranch

after a two-year prison stint and immediately gets involved in a scam,

turning her world upside down.


2018 WILLA Literary Awards Finalist

June, a widow living alone six miles from her nearest neighbor, gives room and

board to a Mexican "illegal," which results in unexpected twists and turns in their

relationship and a crisis in her life.


The tale of a New Mexican rancher who murders his wife and in-laws with an

airtight alibi, and the sheriff who avenges the murder by administering his own

brand of justice outside the law.

Nothing Fancy

On an isolated ranch, a devoted mother and her widowed son are visited by an

exotic stranger who seduces the son, raises the mother's suspicion, and wreaks

havoc on their lives.

Beverley Magennis, author of Alibi Creek Tales

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